Pronunciation: vermay

* Vermeil is technically Karat gold electroplate over Sterling Silver

* In order to be termed Vermeil, the gold electroplate must coat all significant surfaces and be a minimum of 2 1/2            microns thick (0.0001 inches). It is incorrect to term an item Vermeil if it has a plating of base metal over the Sterling Silver (such as nickel) over which the gold is plated. If this is the process, then it must be so identified.

* When an item is simply termed electroplated, it must be an amount of Karat gold deposited on all surfaces of the piece via an electrochemical process equal to a minimum of .175 microns (.0000007 inches). It may be termed Heavy Gold Electroplate if it is a minimum of 2 1/2 microns. Electroplating varies in the amount of gold deposition, from a "flash", a minimum deposit for color, all the way to the vermeil specifications of 2 1/2 microns. When faced with the term electroplate, one should always be aware that the gold deposit is variable.